Robotiq gripper type 2F-85 voor UR


The 2F-85, along with the 2F-140, are the grippers for collaborative robots. Its Plug + Play integration adapts quickly to parts of various shapes and sizes.


  • The 2F-85 offers Plug + Play integration with all Universal Robots models.

  • You have full control over the Gripper to adjust its position, speed and force so that it grips your objects perfectly.

  • The 2F-85 is e-Series ready, connecting directly to the UR e-Series wrist.

  • Its electrical connection protectors improve safety, making the 2F-85 more collaborative.

  • The 2F-85’s robust, factory-proven hardware is suitable for industrial environments.

  • It offers seamless integration with Robotiq Plug + Play Product.

  • Your robot can locate the right part with the Wrist Camera, and insert it correctly with the FT 300 Force

  • Torque Sensor and 2F-85.

  • You can also take your cycle times down a notch by using multiple grippers on one robot.

Robotiq gripper type 2F-85 voor UR